Property Details

Downtown East E! Hub Level 2 Roadshow Space - East

  • E!Hub L2 Roadshow Space B
  • EHub Roadshow A

  From (Price upon request) - Roadshow & Atrium
900 Sq FtMin Rental Period: 4 Days  Add to Favorites Print

Event space is located at Level 2 of Downtown East, E!Hub.  It is located near the main entrance of the mall, and situated right infront of FairPrice.

E!Hub, located in Pasir Ris, is a lifestyle mall. It houses a cinema, arcade and various eateries. Frequent patrons include families, youths, and residents of the area.

Additional Details

  • Dimensions: 50ft x 18ft
  • Surcharge: 20% surcharge on school holidays and public holidays