Start promoting your space to thousands of brands LIST YOUR SPACE Start promoting your space to thousands of brands LIST YOUR SPACE

Get maximum exposure for your spaces. We help landlords and space operators to market their spaces and get them in front of thousands of brands.

How it Works

1. Contact us

Just contact us and we will be happy to show you how PopUp Angels works. 

2. Connect with brands

Get exposure to thousands of brands that are looking for retail space through PopUp Angels. We will also market your space to our database of retailers and businesses that are looking for space.

3. Get paid

Payments are made directly to your account. We are on hand to support you every step of the way to ensure that the rental process is hassle free.

Why use PopUp Angels?

1. Get your space exposed to thousands of brands

PopUp Angels makes it easy to market your spaces and get quality leads. You remain in control at all times. You decide which brands and projects you want to take on.

2. Manage your spaces

Manage your entire portfolio of spaces all in one convenient to use platform.

3. Get support

We’ll work with you to market your space in the best light. From photography to space editorials, we’ll set up everything you need to get your listings up and running in no time. Every landlord gets your own PopUp Angels partner who will work with you to maximize the potential of your space.

Let us partner with you to market your space.